A Request for a Mermaid Lapghan

I was requested to make a mermaid lapghan for an adult. I searched around for patterns and read reviews of the patterns I found. I decided to give the lovely free Adult Size Mermaid Lapghan by Ramblings of a Mad Hooker a go.
I am using Red Heart With Love in Waterlily for the body and RHWL in Iced Aqua  Caron Simply Soft in Robins Egg for the fin. I will be following this pattern completely.

Beginnings of a Mermaid Lapghan

Here is a photo one skein into it and about 10 rows. It is so far very simple. I find the shell stitch very enjoyable and soothing.

I am estimating I will need about 8 skeins for the body. (We will see!)

It’s been a week this evening since I started the mermaid lapghan. I have to say it has been a yarn hog! LOL! I’m going into my 6th skein. I estimated about 8 skeins for the body and I think I am correct in that figure. (maybe a little more!)


I am now at the point in this Mermaid Lapghan where I will be joining the two ends and begin working in rounds to form the cocooning of the feet. Please keep in mind my flash washes out the colors. I will take a photo in natural light once I am totally finished.
There will be about 28 rnds of cocooning from what I am understanding from the pattern, with some decreasing.
I used 6 1/2 skeins for this part. I purchased a total of 8 skeins of the waterlily color. I may have to go after more. I’m just going to go with it and see. If I run out I’ll just have to run back up to the store and see if they have any more. I left one skein on the shelf my last visit. Fingers crossed it’s still there or they got more in stock if I need it!



I did have to go purchase the 9th skein of yarn. I think this will do it!

I finished up the tail part or as I have been calling this part, the cocooning of the feet. All that is left to do is an edging around the opening and then hook up the fin and attach! The opening you see there on top will be on the side when I attach the fin. This whole part, the body and the tail, took 8 1/2 skeins of yarn



There was a change in plans for the fin color as the Iced Aqua I first chose did not match at all. I took a sample of the Blue-Green in the RHWL Waterlily Multi-Yarn to Joann’s. I could not find a match in any of the Red Heart Brands. I did however find a match in Caron Simply Soft in Robins Egg.

Below is  a photo showing the edging in the Robins Egg.

I decided to stay within the theme. I did a simple shell edging for the top opening (pictured) and a single crochet edging along the side (not pictured). As you can see the blue-green in the multi-colored yarn and the blue-green in the edging match pretty good.
My camera has the hardest time picking up of on actual colors especially at night. One day I’ll invest in a better one, but for now my little Nikon point and shoot will have to do.




Below is a photo of the completed fin. I used two strands of the Caron SS held together and an “I” hook. I used a total of about one skein counting the edging and the fin.

I promise you this color is a deeper blue-green than it is showing. I took probably thirty photos trying to get the true color. With flash on, flash off, no lights, lights. LOL It is next to impossible with this camera without natural light to capture it. Goodness!
I will be sewing the fin into place tonight before I go to bed and will post a photo sometime tomorrow, in natural light of course, of the whole completed Mermaid Lapghan!



Finished up! All in all I enjoyed this pattern. I found it well written, easy to follow and entertaining at the same time! (Love the part about making a drink!) I used a total of about 2,270 yards and it took approx. 23 actual crocheting hours to complete.

The only thing I did different was use only one color (variegated) yarn in the body/tail  and add the shell edging at the top of the opening. Other than that, I followed the pattern exactly. I know the person I made this for will be in love with it! Thank you Mad Hooker for this pattern. 🙂

Waterlily Mermaid Lapghan
Waterlily Mermaid Lapghan

Updating to show this lovely one I made using this tail design but my own fin design. You can find my free Fancy Mermaid Tail Fin Pattern Here

Adult Mermaid Tail Fin Pattern
Mermaid Tail Fin Pattern

Please check back with me blog often as I try to add new things daily for you to enjoy! ~Joyce
©Joyce Elvis of Handcrafts of Joy


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